Hugo kid sitting.
We designed this feeding area, with benefits being: injury prevetion to ourselves, more area for smaller goats to have equal access, food given high off ground to reduce parasites.
Dams give birth where they choose. We then place dams & newborns for 3 days or less after birth in these 6x5 ft kidding pens.
Lid lifts up during feeding and is locked down otherwise to prevent them from climbing in. The creep feed area is on the end for young ones to have access to food.
Gallery updated to include new equipment we have built in the past few months. New goat stand/livestock scale. New hay feeder that has reduced hay waste by 60-70 percent.
Goat stand/livestock scale. Goats enter through door. step on scale. Side pane lifts up to do hands on work with goats. It can then be an alternative exit or closed and lift and lower head stallion to hold goat in place or to let goat loose. Digital scale is attached, just hidden in picture, in right top corner.
New hay feeder has goats hid feet, goats stick head in slanted slots and pull out hay. hay fallsin tray in front of slants. There is a ladder like form that in put in the tray at an angle that deters smaller kids from climbing into it to make a bed. This tray is lifted out about twice a week and hay that has fallen in gets lifted out and put back in higher bin, for further consumption. We have gone from 1.5 to 2 bales of hay a day to one bale about every 3 days. We have almost none existant waste of hay in front of feeder even weeks later.
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