TOF A039 100% NZ (FOR SALE)
(Sire of 2017 & 2018 kid crop: 2017 kids broke all he averages we have collected over 7 years of kidding. Those weights were BW: 6.2 lbs. 30 day wt's: 19.18 lbs.; 60 day wts: 32.16; 90 day wts: 40.14; ADWG at 90 days: .39 based on 28 kids. )
 DOB: 1/19/11
 Registered with: NKR, AKGA, IKGA
Birth Wt: 6.56 lbs.
90 day wt. : 62.0 lbs.
DNA Parent Verified
He is a half brother of our first sire TOF Flake, which we highly regret we ever sold. But have many of his kids, so we need some new bloodlines.
SIRE: TOF George
DAM: HKF Goldie
Bloodlines; Waysu Goldmines Heritage, SKY S408 Sports Kat, Tasman Tristar, Waysu Goldmine's Susu, Southwest Good William, AAS Aspinelle 2, Waysu Goliath's Genie, Goatex Goliath.


NNT's Z41 100% NZ (Riverboat Gambler)
DOB: 3/20/10
Triple Registered with: IKGA, IKGA and NKR
Birth wt. 8.30lbs
DNA Certified/Alpha S1 Casein Tested: A/B (a trait that carries through bloodline that offspring have a high content of alpha s1 Casein in their milk which has been proven to improve outcome of kids in future kids)

 Awesome in every way, including his kids. Bloodlines include: JTV Hercules ( a rare bloodline to find), JTV Samson, Sports Kat, JTV Samson, Goatex Confederate, Goatex Generator, JTV Aladin, Sunboy Stanton 149. Produces large kids with great conformation and weight gain.

PONGO 100% NZ: (Dam verified & genotyped)
DOB: 11/4/2011 Birth wt. 7.25 lbs. 90 day wt. 45lbs, 180 wt, 77 lbs., 365 day weight 100lbs. His weights also qualify for Elite status.
His dam is Lady Annabella, his dam's bloodlines are from Goatex Goliath, Sunboy, Tasman Zorro, CCR Moose, Warrior of Bare Hollow, Goldmine IV, etc.

His sire is CJS Trouble 100% New Zealand
Awesome color as you can see and very easy to handle. he throws color and nice hips.

TOF FLAKE / 100% New Zealand
DOB: 2/8/07
DNA certified and registered with AKGA and IKGA
Goatex Goliath, Goldmine bloodlines
Flake was born at Twin Oaks Farms
Birth weight: 7.3 lbs
60 day wt. 44 lbs
90 day weaning weight: 58 lbs (ADWG=.563)

120 dayS: 70 lbs
One I wished I never sold! He is very tame, comes up to you to be petted just like a dog, easy to handle, good around children and his kids.
He was pasture bred, suckled and a twin
He really threw the size, hardiness and color: tricolors, black, whites, reds and browns.

HERD SIRES all of which are 100% New Zealands with DNA
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